What it’s like to camp at Disney World


Disney’s Fort Wilderness Resort is the official camping Walt Disney World Resort. It is sometimes considered a full-service hotel. It opened November 19, 1971 shortly after the Magic Kingdom and the first two hotels.

It is located a little away from the hotel and the rest of the complex to ensure the tranquility of the place. Its existence is almost kept secret. Its quality makes it one of the most comfortable camping sites in the United States.

The theme

The theme is simply that of great camping in a forest of cypress and pine interspersed almost savage canals and forest roads.

The Site

The campsite stretches over 285 ha on an almost rectangular plot with the northern edge bounded by the shores of Bay Lake. East of the campsite there are two golf courses extending the green area of the campsite.

The entrance is via the south by a road leading to the parking lot of the Magic Kingdom.

The campground has a couple of buildings. These are used mainly for services and are clustered around the north Pioneer Hall.

The camp is organized in loops numbered between 100-2800 and are separated by canals and roads. One is north along the lake, the last near the entrance. Each loop has its own name, the list below is given for information purposes and also to realize the Disney imagination.

A railroad, Disney’s Fort Wilderness Railroad was commissioned in 1973 to service the different places of camping but due to the noise and fumes, it was then closed in 1977.


Most services are located:

  • around the Pioneer Hall at the north end of the camp near the former River Country
  • Meadow in the center of the camping loops 900-1000 between 1300 and 1600.
  • at the entrance of the camp

The campsite has its own kennel at the entrance near the visitor parking.

If you’re looking for a different camping experience that doesn’t involve sleeping in the middle of the hoods, Disney’s might be a great option for you and your family.