Tips – Best Tents for Camping 


Best Tents for Camping 

It is hard to say which are the best tents for camping because a lot of this is determined by the type of camping you intend to do. There are many different types of tents just as there are various locations that offer very different weather conditions or surroundings. The person who likes to camp out on the rugged and windy mountainside will not want the same tent as the person who prefers to camp at a campground at the side of a lake. Below you will find several tips that will help you determine which are the best tents for camping for your individual needs.

Dome Shaped Tents

The best tents for camping in conditions where the wind blows hard are the dome shaped tents. The poles on these structures are more flexible than those on the room shaped tents and they bend with the wind. The poles on a dome shaped tent have been known to bend so far that it looked as if the tent were lying flat on the ground and pop right back up erect showing no signs of distress. Be certain if you are going to camp in windy conditions in a dome tent that you stake the tent properly according to manufacturer‘s directions.

Room Shaped Tents

Room shaped tents are ideal for families and especially for those with tall family members. In these tents you can stand erect in the center of the tent so it makes changing clothes and other activities that require standing up easier. These tents are also designed where there is room to place more than one bed inside so the children can be inside the tent with you, and will be less likely to become frightened during the middle of the night.

The best tents for camping with children are the room tents that have two or three rooms. Some of these structures will have a flap separating one side from the other and some of them will have a small dome tent that attaches to the big tent with a zipper. These are wonderful areas for the children or even for the family pet. You will find them to be handy areas to store items like your clothing so that it is not in your way; this is also an ideal place to store bread, snacks and other foods so that squirrels and birds cannot help themselves to your supplies.

Tents for Hikers 

The ideal camping tent for those who will be hiking in the mountains will be the smaller two person dome tents that have the poles that reduce down to about 18 inches in length. These tents do not offer standing room but are easy to place in your backpack and they are light weight. They can handle most all weather conditions and you will be protected from the elements while you sleep. Most of these tents come with a rain flap that can be removed exposing just a mesh ceiling so you can lie at night and stare up at the stars above you.

No matter what type of outing you have planned the best tents for camping are the ones that you feel comfortable in.