The Wonder Of Camping

Although tens of thousands of people in the US go camping every year, they only form a minority of those that go on holiday. Why this is the case is a mystery, as many families are struggling to control their finances, and yet going on a camping holiday costs very little money. A family size tent can be purchased for just a couple of hundred dollars, as it does not have to be anything special. Where you go camping does not have to be that far either. Take Las Vegas for instance, a very busy urban area, and yet if you drive west about 20 miles to Lovell Canyon Road, you will find yourself in a beautiful environment.

So for the cost of some camping gear, which will last for years, along with gas in the car, you can have a holiday on a budget in a place with amazing views, fresh air, and peace and quiet. People have the impression that camping involves sleeping on hard ground, but these days with quality camping beds available, sleeping in the wilderness can be a very comfy experience. Obviously, the more comfortable you want to be, the more money you would have to spend on the bedding, but it is something that can be used again and again. Some people will say that it isn’t proper camping unless you are roughing it, but the whole idea of camping is to relax and enjoy it.

Another reason that some people will not go camping is that they are worried about what food they will eat. This is simple to resolve, as a camping stove and some pans means that a person can cook what they would at home. Other people also worry about the wildlife, especially the small things which crawl around in the dark. However, things like spiders exist in a person’s home, probably numbering in the hundreds. As for furry animals, they tend to avoid humans as they are looking for small animals to eat.

So rather than sitting at home getting grumpy over the fact that you cannot afford a holiday, start planning a weekend camping trip in a local area, this will give you a taste of the wilderness. A lot of people who go camping for the first time are often amazed at how wonderful an experience it is. This enjoyment is increased for people who have children.