Shower For camp

A good camping shower can help you to stay fresh and feel clean while you are out on a camping holiday. Camping showers come in several different forms, from simple bag-based showers to solar powered showers and even ones that are powered by propane gas.

The most basic camping showers are little more than high-capacity bags that hold up to five gallons of water. These bags are designed to be suspended from a tree branch or other high-up surface and have a pipe that can be used to release the water, giving you a few minute’s worth of water flow to shower with. These showers do not offer warm water or controllable pressure, but they do have the benefit of being portable and working even if you do not have access to gas or electricity.

There are solar showers on the market too, which are ideal for those who are camping in warmer climates. More sophisticated showers have proper pumps and even water heaters. These showers are less portable, but they usually have some redundancy built in to them so that they can operate like bag-based camping showers if you run out of gas.

Heated showers are capable of warming water up to 50 degrees Celsius, so it is important that you test the temperature of the water before showering. If you are taking children with you on your camping trip, be sure to warn them that the shower can get very hot, and that they should ask for help before they use it. For the purposes of modesty, many camping showers come with a small pop-up tent with a hole in the roof. This allows you to enjoy some privacy and shade while you shower or fulfill other bathroom needs. These pop-up tents are very light and are not designed for living in but they do serve their intended purpose well.

Staying clean and fresh while you are in the wilderness makes your camping trip much more enjoyable. Shower bags are re-usable and quite affordable, and the tents are inexpensive too. When the bags are empty they weigh very little so you don’t have to worry about how you will carry them alongside the rest of your camping supplies. If you haven’t already added a camping shower to your packing list do so today. You will soon find yourself wondering how you ever lived without it.