Should my mountain bike have disc brakes?

When it comes to mountain bikes and what brakes to choose you will find that the topic is frequently debated. The question seems to be the same yet the answer never is. Should my bike have disc brakes or rim brakes and why or why not?
No one person can tell you whether or not your should choose one over the other however I can set out a simple guideline that will give you a few things to consider and hopefully help you to choose one or the other depending on what is best for you and the conditions you ride in.

Disc brakes seem to be preferred over rim brakes for most. Disc brakes have advantages such as better performance in most weather and riding conditions including rain and muddy terrain. However, they also have their disadvantages. First off, disc brakes are going to cost you a bit more than rim brakes. Second, they are a bit more heavy. On the flip side, rim brakes have more disadvantages than disc brakes and in the long haul may end up causing you to spend more money in repairs than what it would have cost to simply pay the extra expense of disc brakes in the first place.

In short, disc brakes are heavier and more expensive than rim brakes however they out perform rim brakes in more conditions. If weight or price is an issue then you may opt for rim brakes however if those two things aren’t an issue then always opt for disc brakes.