Must Have Camping Gadgets

A rough demanding outdoor experience or a mild weekend getaway in the wild, whatever your camping thrills, you will need to pack some essentials and a few camping gadgets to ease your body and mind when in the outdoors.

couple camping drinking coffeeFun in the woods can quickly fade away when things turn from the usual things we expect to the utterly unmanageable and down right depressing. Think of a stressed back, aching muscles, cold shower, and cold tea in a cold morning; these will make you dread not packing some of the following camping gadgets.

Pressure Shower

The handy camping showers we are familiar with are simple and just hung on a branch for gravity to make it work. You need to boil some water and fill the upper chamber and the shower is ready. Well, technology has birthed something better called a Hello Pressure Shower that will not rely on gravity to work. You just need to place the tank on a good place and hang the shower head and use the foot pressure pump to get the water running. For a hot shower, you just leave the tank in the hot sun and the black welded fabric will do its magic.

Self-inflating Airpad

Forget those airpads that leave you gasping for air after hours of blowing them up. A better choice is an airpad that has a simple presentation but high-tech functionality such as the Incamp Insulated Airpad from REI. It makes it into the list of must have camping gadgets because it self-inflates. A title pump on the valve at the bottom and the airpad inflates. Its insulation will keep your warm during the cold nights. You can even inflated two of them and join them together using their side buckles to form one cozy sleeping place.

Convertible Chair

The creative minds behind this chair just outdid themselves in developing something that offers sitting options. The Mayfly Convertible Chair can be used as a three-legged chair or the front horizontal leg clips back to convert it into a two-legged rocking chair. You can throw your legs up and relax without any worries for the chair is made with high quality material that has a superior sturdiness and is amazingly light to pack for a hike.

Wind Up Torch

Well this is a definite must-have since you will be out in the wild far from any source of electrical power. A wind up torch will be a good choice to give you a flame when cooking and even setting up your campsite. You have many options when it comes to wind up torches. Just pick one that you feel will serve its purpose.

Quick Coffee Maker

Nothing gets you up and going on that cold morning in the outdoors better than coffee. How about having an espresso every morning when you need one? Well, if you loving this idea you should get the Handpresso Wild hybrid. It makes it into the must have camping gadgets list because it uses pressure to make you that cup of caffeine; no need for electricity. Just add hot water and ground coffee into the cup squeeze the hand pressure pump and you coffee is ready.