Multi-Room Tent

What is a Multi-Room Tent?

A multi room tent is a large, roomy tent that features one or more dividers to separate the space into individual rooms. In addition to being spacious and comfortable, these tents provide larger groups with a little extra privacy while camping. If you’re thinking about purchasing a multi room tent, but aren’t sure where to begin, our handy guide has you covered.

Types of Multi-Room Tents

Before you begin your search for the best multi room tent, you should familiarize yourself with the tents you’re likely to find on the current market. Here’s the rundown on the different types of multi room tents.

Cabin Tents

The majority of multi room tents can be found in this category. Cabin tents typically have high ceilings—with walls tall enough for an average-sized person to stand up in—and at least one large window (usually more, depending on the size of the tent). The walls are also vertical, which means there’s more surface area for sleeping. Unlike dome tents, however, most cabin tents don’t feature a rain fly—or if they do, they’re small and insufficient when it comes to heavy rain and/or windy conditions. One last thing to note: If you’re looking specifically for a multi room tent with porch, you should narrow your search to include only cabin tents.

Dome Tents

These tents are distinguished by the crisscrossing poles that meet at the top of the structure, giving the fabric its domed shape once it’s been set up. When most people think of tents, a dome tent is the image that leaps immediately to mind. While multi room dome tents are available, their low ceilings and sloping walls give them more of a claustrophobic feel than cabin tents of similar size. On the plus side, they’re also likely to be less expensive.

Benefits of Multi Room Tents

Families are sure to find plenty of reasons to love large multi room tents. They have plenty of extra space for sleeping and getting dressed, and they make it possible to enter and exit the tent without having to crawl over the other occupants. This makes it possible for campers to stick to their own sleeping habits, going to bed and getting up as early or as late as they please. Each member of the group will benefit from having a private area they can retreat to should they need a little quiet time.

Another perk of multi room tents? They allow a higher margin for error in the case of inclement weather. If one area of the tent should spring a leak, you’re more likely to have a dry spot in which you can escape.

If you typically only camp with two to four people, there are still advantages to bringing along a multi room tent. Smaller groups can benefit from the additional space by using the extra compartments as game rooms or storage areas. You can even store your cooking gear and food supplies in the tent, as long as any coolers and food containers are secured to keep out wild animals. Just remember never to do any actual cooking inside the tent—this creates a dangerous fire hazard, even in multi room units.

Pros & Cons of Multi-Room Tents


  • Plenty of space
  • Additional surface area helps keep sleeping gear from touching the sides of tent, thereby keeping gear dry during inclement weather
  • Ease of entry and exit
  • Privacy
  • Makes organization a snap
  • Saves time on setup if your group would require more than one tent otherwise


  • Large and bulky; takes up a lot of room when packing
  • Heavy to carry
  • Setup can be tricky
  • Some models are prohibitively expensive