Lightweight Backpacking Ideas For Day Trips

Taking a vacation and deciding to go backpacking can be very rewarding. Not only do you get off of the beaten path, but you also are going to see nature in a totally different way than what you did before. The problem is you may not want to take an entire backpacking trip because you enjoy the comforts of your hotel room and the beauty that is present in the room. This is when you may want to explore lightweight backpacking as a solution for your vacation needs and how this type of backpacking will make your trip more enjoyable than what you ever imagined possible.

Ability To Travel In The Woods Easily

hiker with backpackOften a main complaint of people when they go backpacking is how long it takes them to get ready to head off to the woods. The reason for this time frame is they have to get everything loaded into their backpack for a week long trip and make sure the weight is properly balanced. When you decide to go for a single day, you still have to get stuff loaded into your backpack, but you do not have to carry as much and the weight is going to be significantly lighter than what you normally would be hauling around.

Ability To Venture Into Different Areas

Typically when you are backpacking for a long time, you have to stay on set trails and camp in areas that are already designated for camping. However, with the lightweight backpacking since you are not planning on being in the woods all day or overnight, you typically have more freedom on where you can travel to. So you can start to hike in areas that you want to explore, but would normally be considered off limits for hikers because of the heavier packs they are carrying with them that can damage the wildlife scenes.

Can Travel Longer Distances In Between Rest

Resting is very important when you are backpacking. If you do not rest, you will have a strong possibility of getting exhausted and not able to make it back out of the woods or the next campsite. However, with the lighter packs, you are able to travel farther distances without having to rest as often. So you can explore even more of the woods around you and see what kind of beauty they are holding compared to the regular backpacking trips where you would have to take frequent breaks to guarantee you make it to the end of your trip.

Still Can Carry Some Supplies

With the lighter weight, you may think you are going to remove some of the supplies you would normally carry. This would be a mistake because you do not know if you will be trapped out in the woods because of a storm or some other situation. However, you will not be carrying as many of the supplies you would normally carry. You would carry some medical supplies, a tent, sleeping bag, and obviously food and water. However, since the trip is not going to be as long you do not have to carry as many supplies which will make your backpack even lighter.

Less Chance Of Injury

When you are walking in the woods a chance of injury is always present. However, carrying a heavy backpack will increase the chance of you getting hurt while you are walking in the woods. However, when you use the lightweight backpack, you will find a decreased chance of injury because your sense of balance will not be off, but also the pack if you fall will not have as much weight driving down on you.

Having a chance to go backpacking out in the woods is a good thing. The problem is a lot of times the backpacks are heavy and can be cumbersome if you only plan on going out for a day trip. To avoid this issue, you should know about the lightweight backpacking and how this is ideal for day trips and a reduction in injury chance. Once you know about this, you will not want to go out in the woods on a short trip any other way you can find.