Great Ideas For Camp Fire Games


Almost nothing is as exciting as going camping. But, for some children, they need a bit more entertainment in order to really enjoy themselves. This article contains wonderful games you can play with your kids around the campfire.

Hot seat is one fun game to play around the campfire. With this game, one chair is placed toward the group. Write down a funny word or saying on a piece of paper and hold it up behind the person sitting in the chair. This person is supposed to guess the word written on the paper by receiving clues from the other campers. Should the person guess the word or saying, they are “safe.” If they fail to do so, the group gets decide on a fun punishment.

Another fun game kids can play around the campfire is called mosquito bites. No worries, this game does not involve people actually getting mosquito bites. Instead, each camper receives a sticker sheet of dot (for this game to really work, have red dots). During the night, you secretly place the stickers on other campers’ bodies without them knowing. But, if you are caught, the person who caught you places a sticker on you and you have to put the sticker you were going to place on them on your body. The first person who gets rid of all their stickers is the winner.

Telephone is a popular game for kids to play as they hang out around the campfire. With this game, the first player whispers a message to the person sitting next to them. That person passes the message on to the person next to them and so on. When the message has reached the final player, they say it out loud. Though there is no “winner” to this game, it is still fun to see how the message compares at the end to how it was told at the beginning.

Kids love to play dead fish when they are camping. The name of the game pretty much explains the point of the game; players are supposed to do nothing! The point of the game is to stay as motionless as possible. One person is designated to tag out anyone who makes the slightest of movements or sounds. Those who have been tagged out do whatever possible to make others laugh or move.

ShoeKing is beloved by campers, especially children. In this game, each player is to place a shoe or sneaker on their toes while they sit in their chair. Then, everyone flicks their footwear over their head. Whoever flicks it the furthest without landing in the fire is declared the winner. Be careful not to hit any other campers as well!

Truth or dare is one of the most popular games for children, in general. But, this game becomes even more exciting when played in the woods by the campfire. One player is asked truth or dare by another player. If they choose truth, they must answer any question the other player asks them. If they pick dare, they are forced to perform whatever action the other player chooses for them. By the campfire, dares can become downright scary! So, if you do decide to play this game, you may want to stick with truth.

You may be trying to figure out which games are most fun for kids to play by the campfire. Well now that you have read the article above, you have been given some great ideas. Let your kids try one or more of these games out on your next camping trip!