Facts to Consider Before Choosing to Camp For Free

Facts to Consider Before Choosing to Camp For Free

Free camping is becoming popular these days because of the skyrocketing prices of campgrounds. Camping for free may not be the best option for some people because of the limitations that they will have to encounter with regard to the on-site facilities. But there are many people who enjoy the freedom that camping for free offers them. Also, there are certain things that you need to consider before you park you rig in the wilderness under the stars.

mapsThis article will highlight some of the facts to consider before making the decision to camp for free. The first thing is to do a thorough study about the environment that you are planning to choose for your free camping trip. Are you perfectly self-sufficient and comfortable in this environment? Remember that you will not have power, microwaves, water supply, water disposal systems and toilet facilities here; assuming that you don’t have built-in facilities.

You need to prepare in advance before you undertake your free camping trip. Are you having enough water supply in your on-board tank? Are you having adequate battery and recharge facilities to cover your entire stay during the camping trip? Are you having enough gas for lighting and cooking purposes for your entire stay? These things should be thoroughly checked before you move out on your free camping trip. Free camping doesn’t come without rules and regulations. There are rules and regulations to follow even though it is called free camping.

The locations that you have decided to stay may need permission from the local authority or landowner. Once you have got the permission to camp on the particular location, you are set to begin your exciting camping trip. The main thing is to not litter the environment within the location and its vicinity. The location should always be kept clean and tidy. Leave nothing behind when you are heading back to your homes. It is OK to leave only your footprints but nothing else. Take all the rubbish away with you. By any chance, if you have used the bush as a toilet, remember to bury it properly. Burying food particles is not advisable since wildlife will soon dig them the scatter the remnants within the local area.

Remember to consider any neighborhoods before deciding to play music. Keep the volume of the music down in such cases. Recharging the battery from a generator is one task that should be done during the daytime. Even then the noise should try to be kept to the minimum. Solar power is a great option in this regard. You will be close to nature and not littering the environment when you choose solar power. Enjoy your camping for free, and do not be attached too much to modern conveniences during your free camping trip.

A campground offers a sense of safety but not a free camping site. Crime is rampant these days, and you must take steps to protect your loved ones during the free camping trip. Parking well off the road out of the site of people will be a good option for the safety of you and your loved ones. If there are others on camping trips, try to park closer to them and get to know them. If the camping site is littered with broken beer bottles or similar items, move on to another camping site immediately. Your family’s safety is vital during the free camping trip. Be prepared and have a plan to deal with any emergencies. This will make your free camping trip a memorable one for you and your loved ones.

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