10 Camping Cots Buying Tips

You and I both understand that choosing your ideal is becoming difficult on daily basis. But if you give me just a minute of your time, we’ll show you exactly what we looked out for in picking our ideal best camping cots. And I will show you how, too. There are some considerations you can make in picking your camping sleeping cot, because that is what we use. So if you are at all interested in the criterion, please read on, now… Picking the right sleeping cots for adults that gives you every comfort you’ll ever need from sleeping… and having to wake up smartly the next morning for your camping activities is just what you need. Here are the factors you can consider in picking your best camping cot: 10 Probing Questions You Can Ask When Buying Your Camping Cots:

  1. Is the Camping Cot Lightweight (Weight)?
  2. What Material is the Camping Cot Made of?
  3. What Price is the Camping Cot?
  4. What is the Weight Capacity of the Camping Cot?
  5. Is the Camping Cot Compatible?
  6. Is the Camping Cot Versatile?
  7. Is the Camping Cot Easy to Set-up?
  8. Does the Camping Cot have the feature that will give Comfort?
  9. Does the Camping Cot Have Storage?
  10. What is the Dimension of the Camping Cot?

Hey, this camping cots buying tips might take 2-3 minutes of your time, as we talk on the tips in detail. Hope you wouldn’t mind, read on… No #1 Probing Question: Is the Camping Cot Lightweight (Weight)? Ask always for lightweight camping cot. Going for lightweight cot makes it easy for you to handle, especially if you’re the type that travels a lot. So, at the point of buying your cot, tell the salesperson to test it for you by having it set-up. When this is done, try sit on it to know if it will carry your weight comfortably without sagging. A good and strong camping cot should be able to carry your weight without any form of wobbling or the other. Otherwise, it’s not for you. Again, when a cot is packed down, what’s the weight? You want to factor in all these to enable you make an informed buying decision. For example Earth Military Jamboree Stylist Cot, and Texsport Jumbo Camp Cot, are two lightweight cots you may consider with13lb and 15lb weight respectively. That’s not all, you can still check out on Amazon.com for more. However, it’s important you don’t focus your search only on lightweight. Instead… …check also on the material used.

No #2 Probing Question: What Material is the Camping Cot Made of? Usually camping cots made with aluminum and metal steel frame for example last long. In other word, they’re durable. Camping sleeping cots made with metal steel frame has that tracking record of withstanding severe bush fire temperature of more than 1000oC…and they’ve structural integrity, which means it can stays straight, true and importantly are safe. Also ask for cot made of good fabric material, heavy-duty power-coated steel frame, polyester and heavy-duty nylon fabric. Sleeping cots made of these materials usually are durable, and can support your weight… Camping sleeping cots made from good fabric is easy to dry clean. These sleeping cots can support your body without putting pressure on any part of your cot. While steel spring on the perimeter enables the deck to support you and measure up your weight. For example Kamp-Rite, Coleman, Slumberjack Cot, Teton etc. are usually made from these durable materials in case you may want to go for any of them. Ok! Now that you know the material/durability, of great important again is the price…

No #3 Probing Question: What Price is the Camping Cots? What determine the price you want to pay for a cot? Quality of a camping cots for sale should be considered. Check also the brand name. Popular brand is a key factor in pricing of every product. If quality and branding determines the price you want to pay for your best camping cots, would you then go for the highest priced cot? If you have a deep pocket, sometimes as a camper, you wouldn’t want to mind the price provided the camping sleeping cots meet your taste. Again, if you attach luxury to everything you buy, you also would want to go for luxury cot not minding the price. On the other hand, if you’re in a tight budget you wouldn’t want to buy cot based on quality, brand and luxury price. So how do you make a choice of your Best Camping Cots considering price? Simple! Go for a camping cot that suite your needs based your budget. Some campers want to go for a camping cot because more people are buying the particular cot… In amazon, the higher customers buys a particular product, the higher the rating and the higher perspective customer want to buy same product. It’s like a social prove…and an endorsement by the users. So, the higher the rating, the more attractive it’s to you. You want to go for cot that have the highest customer endorsement not minding the price. You and I simply believe it’s the best. Yes, it’s ok to go by this, because that’s what is obtainable in online camping stores out there, in Amazon.com. That being said, always pay attention to details and… Read in-between lines customers review and questions and answer that are being supplied by customers that had already used the camping cot. Some campers prefer luxury camping cot, thus no matter how much is the price, they want to buy in as much she have the money. If you’re the type that place priority on luxury, then pricing might not be an issue to you. The price you want to pay for a camping cot should be determined by your income or simply your pocket. Camping supply store like Amazon.com have in stock different cot brands and prices. You’ll see camping cots under different prices – Best camping cots under $100, best camping cot under $50, camping cot under $200, best cot under $300 and even under $400. Honestly, it’s important you understand that every camping cot are designed with your comfort in mind. However, the market has to be segmented or divided to enable us to afford our desired cot irrespective of our income. Like the old adage, “cut your clothes according to your size”. There are good and cheap camping cots out there. Cot like GigaTent is one of the best camping cot under $100 that can compete fairly well with cots under $200 and others in terms of material, durability and even comfort. The camping industry really have studied and understood the camp market and they’re indeed meeting up by introducing more and better enhancing cots into the market on daily basis. That being said, you and I both know that we tend to feel happier when we achieve a particular goal with less cost and effort. It’s the same with buying less costly camping cot and enjoying the same comfort the higher priced one gives you. More importantly, you wouldn’t want to buy a particular camping cot just because a friend buys it. If a friend have it, it’s ok because you can find out if actually it’s good before you can possibly go for yours. But the point here is, if you’re in a tight budget situation, don’t force yourself to buy that particular cot. Instead, it might be ideal you go for the cot you can easily afford considering your budget. For example, you can find best camping cots under $50. But if you have deeper pocket and desire any camping sleeping cot of your choice, you can’t help but go for it. Now that you’re ok with price… …the capacity of the camping cot comes to mind.

No #4 Probing Question: What is the Weight Capacity of the Camping Cots?

We’re uniquely created, so our weight. What is your weight like? 250lb. 300lb. 350lb. 500lb. 550Ib. or 600lb or more? Weight capacity of a sleeping cot helps you to know if it’s for you or not. You wouldn’t want to buy a cot only to discover it can’t carry your weight. So, be sure to check the weight capacity of your cot before you go for it. For example, camping cot like GigaTent has the capacity to support weight of up to 250lb and if you’re up to 6’4″ tall, you have nothing to worry. Disc-O-Bed Cam-O-Bunk Cot with2 Organizers, Large have the capacity to support weight up to 500 lbs. per single cot. Kamp-Rite Double Kwik cot have the capacity to supports weight up to 550lbs while Coleman QueenCot with Airbed has the capacity to supports weight up to 600 lbs. (272.16 kg). Bottom-line: You might not necessarily go for the camping cots listed here but the point is check always the weight capacity of any of your desired cot before you can possibly buy. Once you’re satisfied with the weight capacity, you want to check the cot compatibility…

No #5 Probing Question: Is the Camping Cots Compatible? You and I both want to go for portable, compatible, and strong camping cot. You want to go for a cot that will have reasonable size when folded up. A cot you can easily carry in your car or backpack. A cot that you can set-up within the available spaces. A cot you can easily set-up and pack down alone without needing helping hand. A fully collapsible cot or tent, quick, without tool or screw assembly. Next… …you want to know.

No #6 Probing Question: Is the Camping Cots Versatile? If you buy a camping cot you can use other than for outdoor camping, then you’re at advantage. However, not many cot have this quality – versatility! But of course, you still can find few of them like Coleman Queen Cot w/Airbed. You can use this airbed mattress cot for both indoors and outdoors. If you have guest, you can use it for them and they’ll be just fine and comfortable. Also versatile is Kamp-Rite Double Kwik cot…you can use this cot for seating as well as lounge. Disc-O-Bed Cam-O-Bunk Cot with2 Organizers, Large, you can use this cot for recreational camping other than camping. Hey, feel free to check Amazon.com, you’ll see more versatile cots of your choice if the ones listed here still doesn’t meet your taste.

No #7 Probing Question: Is the Camping Cot Easy to Set-up? A cot that saves you the stress and time to set is a preferred best camping cot for you. You wouldn’t want cot that takes your valuable time and all the struggle to set up. A good sleeping camping cots ordinarily should take you less than 2-5 minutes to set up. A sleeping cots for adults that will involve many hands to set might not worth your buy. With or without any helping hand, you should be able to set your set camping cot easily. For example, Kamp-Rite DoubleKwik cot is not hard to set up, but much easier with two person. GigaTent Folding Comfort Camping Cot with Mattress, X-Large is very easy to set-up, all you need, is just unfold and stabilize the legs. That’s all! Such a camping cots for adults doesn’t need any helping hand and it is stress free. Also very easy to set-up is Disc-O-Bed Cam-O-Bunk Cot with2 Organizers, Large. Disc-O-Bed is easy to setup and easy to take down. It also fold easily and has stabilized legs, so assembling is not a problem.

No #8 Probing Question: How Comfort Enhancing is the Camping Cot? You and I both know that sleeping cots are all designed to give us comfort, but some enhances our comfort than the others. A good old book we use to read said “all animals are equal but that some are more equal than the other”. This relate very well with the series of camping cot that is being introduced to the market today. When you visit Amazon.com, you’ll understand more. To me, there’s no need to go crazy about every camping cot introduced into the market. We use to advise here in our site that… If you’re comfortable with your present sleeping cot, there wouldn’t be need to go for a more sophisticated ones. But if you have deep pocket to go for every latest comfort enhancing cot, it’s ok. It’s just that we sometimes have to be contented with what we have. However, if you think that it’s inevitable to buy one, you’re very free in as much you’re just fine and not pushing yourself too hard to buy them. What actually makes a sleeping cot comfortable? Cots with airbed separately can just doubles your sleeping space, thus enhancing your comfort. Again, camp cot with inbuilt storage underneath or beside create more space for you on the bed surface, thus enhancing your comfort… And some sleeping cot with rough sleeping surface requires you use mattress for maximum comfort. At Amazon.com for example, you’ll see some cots for sale with inscription “frequently bought together”. Kamp-Rite Double Kwik cot are frequently bought together with mattress for maximum comfort at $252.21 price.

No #9 Probing Question: Does the Camping Cot Have Storage? Even though this is not much of a factor to determine your buying of a cot, it’s important you put it into consideration. When you have an inbuilt storage underneath or beside your camping cots… You’ll have much room on the surface cot to rest and adjust yourself more freely. You wouldn’t want a sleeping cot that you’ll find difficult to stretch out your legs, because other items is being place on it for lack of where to keep them. For example camp cot double like Coleman QueenCot w/Airbed has two side tables with inbuilt holder, so you can easily keep your cup and drinks and other necessary personal items closer to yourself. The cot folds up into a carry bag for compact transport and storage. This camp cot bunk bed (Disc-O-Bed) has two side organizers, which is attached to the sleeping deck for storage purposes, so you can have your necessary personal items close to yourself. Kamp-Rite Double Kwik cot also have a bag for storage etc., and…

No #10 Probing Question: What is the Dimension of the Camping Cot? Knowing cot dimension saves you from buying a sleeping cot that will be hanging your feet off the end of your bed. If you’re a tall person for example, it’s important you insist on knowing the cot dimension. You can check our review of these cots; Coleman QueenCot w/Airbed Dimension is 59 x 22 x 78 inches, the cot also when foldup, its dimensions is about 18x18x42 inches. Kamp-Rite Double Kwik cot dimensions is 85″ Lx 55″ W x19″ H, and when folded, its dimensions is 46-by-13-by-13 inches. Disc-O-Bed Cam-O-Bunk Cot with2 Organizers, Large size when assembled bunk is 79″ x 27.75″ x 32″; Outer dimensions is 81.75″ x 32.25″ x 36.5. GigaTent Folding Comfort Camping Cot with Mattress, X-Large Dimensions is 79 x 29 x 14.2 inches, and when folded its size is 6 by 6 by 42 inches.

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